Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hi Again!

This morning was unlike any other mornings. Today a thought came to me and I decided to log into my blog, while after all these years, I have completely forgotten that it ever existed.

Looking back on some of the postings, brought me back down to memory lane of the things I did and the person I was.

It has been years shelving this blog! Things have changed so much since. Little Princess and Baby J is no longer who they used to be. So have I.

More silver lining on the hair and fine lines on the face, telling a story of how life have moved on so fast and so quick, that sometimes, I have forgotten to stop and smell the roses!

Perhaps then, its time that I dust the dust off my blog once again...

Friday, July 08, 2011

His Arrival and His First Hair Cut

Baby J is 9 months and 2 days old. And had his very first hair cut yesterday.

I did a quick 'chop' of his hair while he was busy occupying himself with toys. His hair was getting a bit too long at the sides and beginning to curl a little. Some people commented that he looked like a girl! Can't say I did a fantastic job on the haircut but so long as he doesn't look like a girl is good enough for me.

To me, Baby J is growing so much faster than Little Princess. I guess being busy at work and home, I don't realised how much time has passed me by.

It only seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with Baby J. It wasn't an easy pregnancy. With a 4 yo on toll, it literally took my sanity away. It was filled with mood swings and morning sickness (round the clock)! I stare at the toilet 'throne' more than I stare into Daddy-yeoh's face! I felt bloated all the time and shortness of breath was a norm to me.

Since Little Princess was an induced labor, I only get to experince the contractions in the hospital. But for Baby J, he was 18 days earlier and till today, I remembered every moment of his delivery from the time I had my contractions to his arrival and into my arms. It was a moment I could never forget and each time I hold him in my arms, I remembered how the contrations woke me up in my slumber.

On that day, Little Princess was the flower girl for a friend's wedding. It was Little Princess first time as a flower girl. Being merely 3 plus of age at that time, she was timid and shy. I held her hands, as we practiced walking down the aisle the night before. I talked to her and encouraged her so that she will have the courage on the actual day. I told her that I will wait for her at the end of the aisle and that she should walk towards me.

But the morning itself, I had to be admitted for Baby J's arrival. We were making last minute arrangements and decided that Daddy-yeoh is to take Little Princess for the wedding and me to be admitted on my own at the hospital.

Gave Daddy-yeoh specific instructions for the wedding, making sure that Little Princess will do fine without me and I prayed that Daddy-yeoh would be in time for the delivery.

And the they say is history. Baby J arrived on 9 October 2011 weighing a 2.67 kg almost exactly the same weight as Little Princess when she was borned.

Today, Daddy-yeoh and I, are proud parents of 2 wonderful kids :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby J

Baby J arrived early October, 18 days earlier than the due date. He weight exactly the same as Little Princess when she was born.

Being 4 years older and having to juggle a newborn and a preschool kid, things were pretty rough and filled with lots of *pulling hair* moments. There is no such thing as settling in with the baby. Life becomes instantenously busy and insane. 'Me-Time' became a thing almost-impossible-to-achieve and even if I could enjoy it, it is an oh-so precious-moment!

Baby J is 5 months plus and another 2 weeks or so, he will be 6. As time pass, he grow into different stages where work and more work for mommy adds on. Sounds like a complain? Perhaps :)

Despite all, Baby J brings such joy to us. He hardly fuss except for milk and when he is sleepy. He loves to smile.

He smiles at you when he wakes up,
He smiles at you when you talk to him,
He smiles at you when you sing to him,
He smiles at you when you play with him,
He smiles at you when you change his diaper,
He smiles at you when you bathe him,
He smiles at you when you show him his milk and the 'mommy cow'
He smiles at you when you caught him looking at you...

It is like as if compensating for the difficult pregnancy I had! He is such a blessing to us all. And we are enjoying every moment with him...

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Wait

Our baby should be due anytime now. Little Princess was early by 10 days, so we are expecting an early delivery. My doc said that he will be expecting my call anytime from now.

I feel heavy and walking is almost impossible. I am not sure if I could wait till his actual delivery date which is on the 27 October. I hope that he will arrive really really SOON!