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Last Day of Work

I can't believe it. Today is my last day of work before I take 3 weeks off...yea!!! I can't wait to get out of the office. It was difficult to concentrate on work when your mind is flying off some where thinking about wedding. I can't wait to have a nice long break. And I am looking forward to tonight. Meeting Mel, Karen and Yin Yin for dinner (more like feasting) before I lose my ....'Miss' of course!

It's A Small Small World

Attended another Mad Cat's friend's wedding last Saturday. And guess what I bumped into lovely Yin Yin. The last wedding I bumped into ireneq and now Yin Yin. Too bad I did not have Mad Cat's camera with me, otherwise I would have posted her pictures here.

Sound Testing 1 2 3...

Last Thursday was a really tiring day for me. After a long day at work, we popped over to Tropicana to meet up with our wedding coordinator and his lovely wife, to test the sound system. We arrived half an hour late, and the sound technician was suprisingly punctual and decided to leave the place when we failed to turn up on time. OK...I guess I must give credit to the guy for being punctual. But after hanging out in the ballroom for half an hour (besides yakking and goofing around with the music playing from the laptop) much to our relief, the guy showed up. He was helpful throughout our testing and of course he was also wearing an impatient look on his face, trying hard to hide the fact that he can't wait any longer to get off work and we are the sole reason for holding him back. Atleast we got another thing done for the day. Yea!


I can hardly get up in the morning for work lately. I feel tired and I mean really tired. I am not sure whether its because I am getting old or because of the wedding. Occassionally I do get some funny dreams about my wedding. Once I dreamt that I was late for my wedding and by the time I finished saying my vows and turned to look at my guests, I saw only empty seats left in the church. I guess they got tired and left. I am not the only one, Mad Cat has his fair share of funny dreams too (I rather not refer those dreams as nightmares!) I am also getting to be more forgetful. My words tend to jumble up as well. I am not forming proper sentences. Worst still, I am getting to be really slow in my maths. Not that I am good to begin with, but its just getting worst. I think the word 'wedding' is too big for my memory space. I am not getting enough gigabyte for other stuff. And please this has got nothing to do with my age...

Other Weddings

'Mad Cat with the Nikon camera with a friend'
Besides being busy with our own wedding, we have been busy attending other people's wedding. Mad Cat (my fiance) and I attended a friend's wedding last weekend. It was a nice, simple wedding. The couple was really happy and glad that the day has finally arrived and they can now settle down and have a good rest (*sigh* I am still counting my days). Mad Cat busied himself with taking pictures of the bridal couple and tiny little details in the wedding. Besides Manchester United, Mad Cat takes great interest in tripods and lenses. He is usually the photograher for most church events. Too bad I can't have him as my photographer for my wedding, I would safe a lot. Hehehehe!!! I enjoyed myself at the wedding too. I got to meet friends of Mad Cat (nice bunch of people) and I met friends whom I have not met for a long time. One almost forgot or rather have forgotten my name. Then I bumped into ireneq (I usually called her IQ beca…

Worship Order

'Me and my younger sister on my engagement night' 24 December2004
I received our church Pastor enclosing the wedding worship through email this morning. I was excited to receive it. It means another box can be checked in my to-do list. I then felt my heart missed a beat. I glanced up at my table calender and realised that I have only 3 and half weeks left for my wedding. Not that I am counting the days in my desperation of getting to be married off, but the fact that I am going to place my singlehood and carefree life behind for the rest of my life. Aaarrrghh!

It also dawned on me that time is running short and I have much to do. But yet, I am not sure what is it that I have to do. I then called Celery (a.k.a. my younger sister) on the phone to bugged the life out of her just to make sure she is not too comfortable in her holiday-semester-break-from-college and gave her instructions of what I had planned for her to do for my wedding. A sister's labour is always cheap and fre…