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She's Kicking!

I began to feel Baby’s kick much more. What began as a ‘flutter’ has now turned out to be a mini work out for her in my womb. I was warned by my gynecologist that as the baby grows, her kick will get stronger.

As Mad Cat and I were praying for her last night, she just kept kicking and kicking. Until of course, Mad Cat said I bored her with my long winded prayer. But I was enjoying that moment, with me praying and her kicking inside as if she knows God’s presence was among us.

I prayed that God will minister upon her even at this tender age and that she will grow to know Him. Last night was not the first time ever she kicked during my prayer time. I had experienced her kicking once before when I was praying one night. That night I felt God’s presence and joy as I was praying with one hand lifted up and the other on my tummy (I guess that’s why my prayer was long winded because secretly I didn’t want the moment to end).

As Jesus said “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for t…

Baby Girl

I had a detailed scan of Baby on its twentieth week. It was a 4D scan where it was done at the government side instead of the private side. I chose a semi private hospital for the following reasons:-

1) its cheaper than private hospitals;
2) I get a single room at an affordable price;
3) I get the same services as I would have gotten in a private hospital;
4) Its near my house which I am currently staying; and
5) There are better equipments in a semi private hospital (especially at the government side).

The 4D machine was bought very recently by the hospital and the scanning was done by a professional radiologist.

Mad Cat and I took a whole day leave to have the ultrasound done in the morning and later in the afternoon to have another check up with my gynecologist. I packed a book while Mad Cat brought along his lap top in anticipation of a long wait for the scanning to be done in a government hospital (things can be really really slow when dealing with public sector).

We were at the hospital…