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Missing Her

'Sara was caught on camera trying to blow her little air-blown strawberry ball after watching Daddy doing it'
The New Year was barely 'warmed up' and I have taken an emergency leave the day after Thaipusam just because I miss my baby. I have done this before once, out of the spur of the moment I felt the need to take off from work just so I could be home with Sara.

The day before, on Thaipusam, We spend the entire day with Sara. We took her swimming which she enjoyed, and the rest of the day were spent playing, tickling, reading and sleeping. Then Daddy had an idea and recorded Sara’s little voice saying ‘mum,mum,mum,ma’ while I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Daddy set the recorded voice as my ringing tone much to my delight and Sara’s amusement.

Next day, while I was stuck in traffic on the way to work, I played the voice recording over and over again. Big mistake! 5 minutes listening to it, I called Daddy and told him that I needed to go home because I think Sara …

My Prayer for 2008

Another year filled with tears and joy has gone by, Another number added to the age, Another strand of white hair on the crown, A few more fine wrinkles found, And hopefully a little more of wisdom added as well, But most importantly we grow a little more. It may seems a little late to say a wish for the new year, But it's never to late to say a little prayer... May God unfold our lives with goodness and grace, May He fill us with abundance blessings above, May He guide our feet as we walk the narrow path, May we never lose sight of the great I Am, But most of all may our lives shine with His!