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Financial Freedom?

This week has been a very tiring week for me. It was also a week where I miss Mad Cat quite a bit. He has been working late for the past few days since Monday due to some project in his new company. He has been coming home past 10.30 pm and 12.30 am.

The house tends to be very quiet and I get lonely especially when I get tired of reading a book or watching the idiot box. I tried waiting up for him but I too sleepy to wait up. I have been going to bed, without him being home, for the past few nights and the strange things is, I feel somehow insecure (because Mad Cat is not safe and sound at home yet) like as if there is something missing. I prayed every night that God will protect Mad Cat and bring him home safely.

Ever since we got married last December, we have been going to bed together. And I miss that. While he was in his old former stingy-ungrateful-company, he will always almost return before 7 pm. When he left for a greener pasture in the other side of the field, there was a pric…

Fire Drill

I had an interesting day yesterday and this interesting day is equivalent to a mismanagement of a certain company that, should I receive any injury whatsoever to my pregnancy, I shall use all skills and expertise of my legal knowledge to sue the company.

This company has fire drills year in year out to ensure that the staff are well prepared for any emergency. Last year, I received news that there will be a fire drill and went down earlier by lift so therefore, people like me will be first to enter the Heaven Gates as I do not know where are the emergency exits not until today.

We had a briefing yesterday for all pregnant ladies. As my tummy looked nothing like pregnant except for a bulging tummy that can be passed of as having extra fats, no one seems to know that I am pregnant, but for the fact that I was there for the briefing, it did not give them the benefit of a doubt.

It has been a practice in the company that the pregnant ladies and the handicapped are allowed to leave their work…

Check Up

Last Friday, we went for a monthly check up on Baby. We were looking forward for the check up since Monday to see what in the world is Baby doing inside of me. Although I might be carrying the child, I do not have the slightest idea what is happening in the little 'world of baby'. I can't feel it neither can I hear anything coming from my belly. If a 'tornado' were to be hitting inside of me, I would not have known it either.

Going for a scan is like switching on the Discovery Channel. Everything is so mysterious to us and we need something external like a doctor and a scan machine or whatever you call it, to help us see inside of me.

We took a half day of on Friday and went to Mc Donald's for lunch. We did a pit stop at my mom's place to pick up Royal Butt (his mother was not home, so we took an opportunity to kidnapped him away) with us to McD's. We sat him on the baby seat anywhere in the world except for her home and my mom's without being first d…

Blessings Above - Part II

' Mad Cat looking handsome on our wedding night'
Until the day I met Mad Cat, can I really appreciate 2 Corinthians 6:14. Have I not obeyed God 6 years ago, I would have missed out His blessings for me and that would be Mad Cat. Like Abraham, I received blessings for obeying Him.

I remembered clearly the day I saw Mad Cat walked into church. He has this no-nonsense look on his face. And of course I have not seen him smile, at least not to me. Now that is really a turn off. That was in 2002. That time, we hardly even said hello to each other.

We then get to know each other better much later in 2003. Well, to cut a story short, we began dating in 2004, got married in 2005 and got pregnant in 2006. Wow! Talk about abundance in blessings!!!

Mad Cat takes you by surprised. He is like deep water that runs still. He is not someone you can get to know by meeting the first time. To know him is to love him more. He lifts my smile when I am down, he becomes my listening ear when I want to bo…

Blessings Above - Part I

A friend of mine, Pastorpher, called on Saturday asking me if I am comfortable to allow him to share a story of mine to help the youth especially the girls in a camp in Cameron Highlands.

Pastorpher, as you can guess by the name is a pastor or rather a youth pastor in TRAC Methodist. I knew him before he became a pastor. He was indeed a friend whom you can rely on in times of need. He laugh with you, cry with you and crack dirty jokes with you (Oops!) And he will travel distance away just to see if you are okay. Today he and his wife are serving the youth ministry touching many lives of the youth in our urban city, Kuala Lumpur. Their love for the youth has earned them many friends and children. You can never find another couple like them both.

When Pastopher asked me if it was okay to share my story, I did not hesitated once and said “Yes of course!” It gave me great pleasure knowing that this story of mine can be a testimony today. As I reflected on that particular journey, I can’t th…

His Little Royal Highness

Royal Butt with an unknown lady

Royal Butt with Celery Stick Sister
This is my nephew taken on his one year old birthday party. See how much he has grown compared to the last time when I posted about him. We call him the ‘Royal Butt’…hehehe. For one very obvious reason, he is always treated like a King by my sister.

He has now learned to walk like a drunken. Each time he walks you can see him trying hard to balance walking with the pamper stuck between his two thighs. And whenever he lands on his butt, it would seem as though the weight of the pamper pulled him down to the grown like a magnet. Otherwise, he will be walking like a crab from left to right and right to left. This is a pretty cute sight if you ask me.

His favorite place is the T.V and the hi-five set. He will poke and poke any buttons he can lay his hands on. The worst part, he is attracted to the idiot box when it’s on and when we are watching the most interesting part of a show. Like a crocodile swimming underneath the wat…


I am beginning to take more interest in babies and what mothers are doing or will be doing for their babies. I think before long, my blog will turn into some blog of my journey into motherhood. Sorry y’all, there is no more hot stuff on hot cute guys, shopping sales, bazaar and the best place to eat in town or hot juicy gossips for me (not that my life is that happening any way!).

I stumbled upon an interesting blog lately. Well, not actually stumbled but someone gave me the blog site for me to check it out. As you guessed it's about motherhood J. She spoke of the availability of pregnancy kit test and how she kept it as keepsake after tested positive for her first child.

I had my fair share of using the pregnancy kit but of course I did not keep it as memory as I do not want to keep something with my dry urine on it! Ewwwe!

It was 24 April 2006, when Mad Cat & I decided to get a pregnancy kit from a nearby pharmacy. Of course being a first timer, we walk into the pharmacy, looke…

Lazy Blogger

I have been neglecting my blog for some really good reasons, mainly:I am a lazy blogger; I have no internet connection at home; I am way tooooo busy (supposedly); and I am pregnant!!! Life has been topsy turvy since I found out I was pregnant like almost 2 and half months ago :) I feel bloated, I feel sleepy round the clock, I eat 3 times a day but I also throw out 3 times a day and I get irritated so very often that Mad Cat has now acquired the skill not to say anything that upsets me. I am also currently having a 'malfunction' wardrobe whereby I am limited to certain clothes (I can no longer fit into my slim sexy side way slit skirts and tight fitting blouses). Dressing every morning to work has become a challenge for me and to play safe, I wear the same clothes week after week. For now, putting on my very best is to make sure that I have clothes on my back. There is no more ritual of choosing the right clothes for the right occassion and flaunting in front of a mirror with the …