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Not Prepared

Little Lady has not asked to be breastfed for more than 2 weeks. Instead of telling me "Mummy I want milk" she now says "Mummy make milk".Part of me would love to celebrate for successfully weaning her off without much hasssle but part of me missed those 'moments' together. Those quiet moments of watching her, talking to her and singing lullaby. She is growing more independent each day. And so does her confidence. She would go for her Sunday classes, participating in all activities without having to hold my hands like how she used to. She will sit on the floor (or on a chair) on her own listening to the teachers telling stories to the class while her peers will sit on the laps of their parents. She will tell me what she wants and will carefully choose options placed before her. She takes instructions well and yes she still whines which could drive me up the wall at times! Thinsg that she used to be afraid off now no longer scares her. She has learned to be bra…