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A Birthday Party

The birthday boy

Celebrated Joash's (my nephew) 3rd birthday last Sunday. The theme was 'Western Cowboy'. The idea came from truly yours. Initially my nephew chose 'Army' as the theme. I was like no way am I going to dress Sara up like an army, besides where can I get any army suits for a baby girl, although I have an army pant for Sara, inherited from Joash. I came up with the idea so that people can just throw something on from their wardrobe rather than have a theme that people might not participate at all if its something which they have to buy or not have. At the end of the day, we just wanted to make sure everyone had fun :) So my sis has to coax her son into agreement.
The Birthday Cupcakes
We did not have any decorations for the party but my sis ordered cupcakes as Joash's brithday cake with the theme on it. Notice the cowboy boots, hats and star on the cakes? They are make out of white chocolate. Those cakes were yummy.

We had games for the children, sand…

Hands Off

I get a little paranoid when strangers reach out to touch Sara. I don’t mind friends and acquaintances touching her ( I mean touching as in her hands and cheeks or carrying her, you know what I mean) but strangers you meet in the lift, shopping mall? No way Jose!

We were in the lift yesterday on our way out for dinner, when the lift stopped at one of the floors and a stranger stepped in. A lady to be precise. She waved at Sara and said hi to her. Sara was standing in between Daddy-yeoh and me and as usual, the little one is always staring intently at strangers until she gets a respond from them. Somehow I mentally prepared myself that she might touch her. True enough, she reaches out to touch her on Sara’s left cheek. For a split moment I froze thinking of whether I should just let her touch her or pull Sara back. But Daddy-yeoh in a quick moment reached out and blocked the stranger’s hand from touching Sara’s cheek and abruptly said ‘Please don’t touch her”.

After that it was an awkwar…

A Weekend Report

Took Sara out on Saturday to meet up with her cousin Joash, Aunty and Uncle and along with Grandma for lunch in Bangsar, and left Daddy-yeoh to clean the house while the ladies of the house are out…muahhaha.

Sara missed the entire lunch coz she fell asleep on the way to Bangsar, but woke up in time when we were in Balloon Bouquets looking for ideas for Joash’s 3rd birthday party. She was fascinated with the balloons and kept saying “Ba-oon”. Its one of those few words she can say besides ‘bird’, “fow-eer” (Flower), “Boa” (ball)…She has always like anything that is round like balls. Even pictures of balls can keep her occupied for a few minutes or so.

From Bangsar, we adjourned to Cradle ‘n’ All to make order for the cupcakes for the party. As this year’s theme for Joash’s birthday is cowboy, my sis decided to have everything decorated in that theme down to the cakes. Cradle ‘n’ All is run by a malay lady who runs an event management for baby’s first occasions like fullmoon and the malay…

A Sick Baby Part II

After her first visit to the pead last Monday, Sara has been feeling not well again since Friday. And throughout the weekend, she was having mild fever off and on. I took half day on Monday to take her to the pead for the second time. This time round, she has a bit of redness in her throat. She is also having cough with phlegm and flu.

She has no more fever since Sunday so it was a good sign. But the Baby was extremely sticky to me. On Tuesday I took the whole day off so that I can spend some time nursing her. Knowing that I am home with her, she was exceptionally whiny. She won’t want to be left alone and worst, she only wants Mummy to carry her the whole time. I have to put her on the kitchen counter top while I poured myself a drink. I have to put her on the bed while I get dressed. I have to carry her while I heat up her food. I have to put her in the sling strapped to me while I hang the clothes…it was endless. She was practically ‘glued’ to me.

There will be times that she will wh…

A Birthday Post

On 5 April, we celebrated Moomykin’s birthday at the Science Center. And yes this is a delay blog!
The night before, Sara was having a mild fever. I did not get much sleep as I was armed with the thermometer most of the time and kept watch for her temperature. But thankfully it was too low to administer any fever med. Around 3 a.m. in the morning, she woke up coughing. I tried soothing her by rubbing her back. But when that doesn’t seem to work, I decided to give her some medication which the doctor gave for her flu (works for mild cough) earlier that week. After taking the med, the baby’s eyes were wide open. Oh no! Then I tried taking her temperature again but she was not very happy to have her arm by her side for a good 2 minutes while I take her temperature ( I am thinking of investing a ear thermometer, hassle free and faster). I tried distracting her and ended up making her laugh in the middle of the night.

I woke up around 7 and dragged myself out of bed to prepare her porridge …

Missing Daddy

Daddy is away for Penang for work. Baby and I was supposed to tag along and visit some friends while Daddy work. But because Daddy has cut short his trip to only 2 days, Baby and I will have to stay back. Otherwise, I would be off from today to Monday tsk-tsk what a pity! Each time Daddy is away for business trip, Baby and I miss him so. Somehow things aren't the same without him. Also because he has to ship us to my parents place to stay while he is away. Although that is my parent's home, it is still no place like your own home. But on such times as this, I get to sleep late...watching late night movies with late night snack while Grandma and Grandpa will keep Baby company while she sleeps in the room :) Its a little time-off for Mommy. But when its time for me to go to bed, its a different story. I miss Daddy all the more.