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If / when I have a son and what I will teach my duaghter

I once read a story about a man who was too busy for his wife. On the day of his wife’s funeral, he found her journal among her other things. Inside she wrote about how she was eager to hear his footsteps coming up the door of their home, how eager she was to tell him all that she has gone through in the day… and how busy he was to spend a little time to even listen to her. After he read this, he closed the journal and wept, realizing that his wife has always been waiting for him to listen to her.

If / when I have a son…I will tell him that the simplest way to a good woman’s heart is not riches and fame but to listen to her;

I will tell him that no matter how strong a woman is, she will always need a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear;

I will tell him that a man should always find time to listen to what his woman has to say, no matter how many times she has told him about it and how ridiculous it may sound;

I will tell him that when the woman he loves wants to talk, she is not seeking…

He Who Loves Me

A little something that reminded me of the one who truly loves me. May it touch those who read this...

Recently, I received a gift bag filled with the following items: a birthday candle, a page from a calendar, a list of words, a thread, and a picture of a baby. I loved what each item symbolized so much that I wanted to share them with you!

The birthday candle symbolizes that God knew the day you were born. He ordained the circumstances and people who were involved in your birth. He knew what you would look like and who would welcome you. He knew how much you would weigh, what your cry would sound like, and whether you would be bald or have a head full of hair. (Psalm 139:16)

The page from the calendar symbolizes that each of your days was planned before you were even born. He knew how you would spend your days--what your hobbies and interests would be, what your job would be, and who you would share your days with. He knew the days you would spend honoring Him and the days you would wis…

Another month?

Another month has come and gone…yes I am at the age where I will most likely comment on something like…

”So fast! Another month has gone. Before you know it, it will be end of the year!!!”

I hate saying that because I remembered how the old folks used to say it when I was a kid. I can’t believe that I am part of it right now. I guess it just came as a whole package with the age :) I was talking to Mommykin on Sunday saying how busy I was and not having time to blog…sorry Moomykin, I know you tagged me, will get to it soon.

Most of my energy has gone to my work. I fall asleep as quickly as Sara. It’s like both Mummy and Baby are having a sleep marathon. I will consider myself lucky if I can get up after putting Sara to bed and have a few hours or at least a minimum one hour all to myself snacking away and watching a no-brainer show on TV. Sadly most of the time I will wake up to the alarm buzzing and realized that I have missed one night!

Sara is babbling more than usual. I can’t wait for h…