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Red Dragon

-*Bloody Mary or Hylocereus Polyrhizus- one of the species of dragon fruit* My pregnancy has come a long way since the day we were all worried (in actual fact it, its only me that worry the most) when I have to deal with the uncertainty of Baby’s well being when I was faced with bleeding and was put on a long medical leave. Today I can feel Baby kicking, moving and even elbowing me.

This morning I was put into a anxious mode, a feeling which seemed so familiar, when I have done my ‘business’ in the porcelain bowl, I noticed blood in my urine…and in the state of somewhat panic and trying to calm myself, I almost slipped in the bathroom had I not reach out and caught the basin.

I told myself that Baby is fine and perhaps I should not hit the panic button too soon until I am sure enough that something is not right. I knew Baby is fine, for Mad Cat and I have been covering her with prayers.

I hesitated at first to tell Mad Cat, and when I finally did, he wore his semi-panic-look on his face an…

My 26 Weeks Pregnancy

Below is a brief description of how Baby is growing according to a general measurement found in the internet which I have signed up since I found out that I am pregnant. The website will keep a record of my pregnancy and email me each week on the growth of Baby.

So this is how it is on my 26 weeks pregnancy…

How your baby's growing: Your baby now weighs a little under 2 pounds and measures about 14 inches, from head to heel. The nerve pathways in her ears are developing, which means her response to sounds is growing more consistent. Her lungs are developing now, too, as she continues to take small breaths of amniotic fluid — good practice for when she's born and takes that first breath of air. If you're having a boy, his testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum — a trip that will take about two to three days.

The Flower & The Butterfly

Once there was a man who asked God for
…a flower
…and a butterfly
But instead God gave him
…a cactus
…and a caterpillar
The man was sad, he didn’t understand why his request was mistaken
Then he thought:
“Oh well, God has too many people to care for and decided not to question it”
After sometime, the man went to check up on his request that he has left forgotten
To his surprise
…from the thorny and ugly cactus a beautiful flower has grown
…and the unsightly caterpillar had been transformed into the most beautiful butterfly
God always does what is right
His ways is always the best even if to us it seems all wrong
If you asked God for one thing and received another. TRUST
You can be sure He always give you what you need at the appropriate time
What you want is not always what you need
God never fails to grant our petitions so keep going for Him without doubting or murmuring
Today’s thorn…is tomorrow’s flower
God gives the best to those who leave the choices up to Him

-Author Unkown-


Each morning as I leave my apartment for work, I will pray that God will protect my apartment and let things be how we have left it. I was reading ireneq's blog about a robbery near her home and how unsafe she felt. Today, I was shocked to receive an sms from her that there was an attempted robbery at her home in the wee hours of the morning. My colleague's sister in law and her husband were robbed in broad day light (4.30 pm) in front of a shopping mall. The robbery happened in the middle of a busy street with the public eye as witness yet no one had the courage to do anything about it. There were 4 men in ski masks each holding an axe demanding money from them while they sat in their car with an axe held close to the husband's neck. We can never be completely safe in this world. I remembered once my Pastor spoke of this, how the world has fallen and how we have to face the consequences of the sins of man, even to the extend of suffering for the sins of others. We may not …

Good Samaritans

Last night around 10.30 p.m. we received a call from Dad asking us to help him with a burst tyre. He was with Mom and they were both stuck on the highway. We took a drive and found them by the side of the road. Once we arrived, we found that the spare tyre kept in in Dad's car was burst as well. Strangely enough, Dad has just changed all tyres and they are brand new!
The only option is to use Mad Cat's spare tyre for the time being. While the two men tried to jack the car, a Metromac petrol man arrived and stopped by the side of the road to ask if we needed help. Without a minute wasted, I accepted his offer. But Dad, well Dad being Dad, gestured to the guy saying that they are doing fine.

With me standing by the side of the highway, being heavy, tired and sleepy, I got a bit annoyed and told Dad to allow the the guy to help. With that, the Metromac man went over to Dad's car and quickly took over the situation. Was I glad that he was there, it seems that Dad had placed the…

My L'il Corner

Things you find in my office space...That is not Barney the puple dinosour but that is Mr Dee-nose, striking a pose
And that is Mel Dee sitting on my monitor
That is Mr Plant with the rest of his companions

Another Check Up

Had another monthly check up last friday with my gyneacologist. This time around, Baby is much bigger and the space in the womb is getting smaller, making it harder for Mad Cat and I to identify parts of her body. We cannot tell her head from her body, or see her hands and legs if not for our doctor pointing it out to us. I can feel her movement most of the time, in fact I feel her elbowing me at times and I can feel a sharp little bump on my tummy. Thank God that Baby is doin fine and well. Oh and we got our keys to our new apartment! Yay! We were informed that the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation will be issued by the 25th September. Despite my complains, God has been faithfully answering our prayers. I just can't wait to set up Baby's room :)

High and Dry

The week is crawling by slowly. This gave me some time to wonder and ponder on a lot of things that is going on in my life. I began to realize that I am feeling dry in terms of my spiritual walk.

Mad Cat was a coordinator to a cell group which was agreed by all to make a commitment to meet on every Saturday evening unless of course if there were things that we need to attend to, then perhaps we can skip the cell meet.

What started out with full of hope has now turned out to be a disappointment for me, Mad Cat and perhaps some of the cell members. We had this cell before Mad Cat retired as the ‘President’ and the cell was left ‘hanging’ for awhile. When we realized that we could fit no better in any other cell, all cell members decided to ‘stick’ to the same cell and have it fully functional once again and have Mad Cat to take over the lead for a year. We had prior meetings to discuss on the ‘failed’ cell and all agreed to commit and to do better this time round.

I was excited at first. I…